Loving How You Look: Finding Your Inner Beauty and Personal Style

Healing sometimes comes in the most unexpected packages!

As a certified holistic healing practitioner, working for over a decade in a number of healing modalities, I am used to witnessing and experiencing miracles. But I can still be surprised by how healing shows up or in what form.

Energy Profiling

Anyone familiar with energy healing techniques or alternative therapies has likely heard of Carol Tuttle. She has been working in the field of energy therapy for 20 years. Her relatively new system of energy profiling turns our attention to healing our relationships with our bodies, with our clothes, and ultimately, with our inner selves.

Do you know your energy profile type?

I recently discovered this system and immediately bought the online beauty profile course, the online course for dressing your truth, and Carol’s book, It’s Just My Nature. Within a week or so, I was beginning to heal the beliefs I had had nearly all my life about my body, what beauty is, what I should look like and what I should be wearing.

Dressing Your Truth

At first glance, this system may seem like just another “what’s your season?,” “learn your body shape,” “dress 10 pounds thinner” kind of thing. But I knew almost from the beginning that it wouldn’t be, because it really is based on nature.

Though we are all made of the same elements, we each have a dominant one, and when we know what that is, we can learn how to honor that element in the way that we dress. When we do that, living in integrity with who we really are, we will be beautiful! And we will know it.

Big promise, I know, but I dare you to try it because I am completely confident that once you do, you will agree.

The Fashion Industry is Wrong

We cannot all wear the same trendy fashions and all look beautiful. We can’t even all wear the color black! So if we try to copy what we see on the runways or in the fashion magazines, we will fail to look as wonderful as we think they do and we are likely to decide that it’s our fault. But that’s not true.

We are not the ones who failed. The fashion industry has failed us.

So, instead of giving our power away to the fashion “experts”, we need to take that power back and claim it for ourselves, becoming our own beauty and fashion expert. Who’s with me?

To learn more about how to discover your unique beauty profile and dress your truth, go to Dressing Your Truth [http://www.feelbeautifulagain.com].

Jeanine Byers Hoag is a write-at-home homeschooling mom and an energy profile type 2. She blogs about dressing her truth at http://dressmytruth.blogspot.com

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